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Posted 2 years ago #woot

-dropping off big bro/big sis app 

-health services appointment to make sure I don’t have TB

-getting a tshirt from admissions for tomorrow

-dropping off mentee app

  • philosophy homework
  • eat chocolate
  • scorch trials
this week is going to be ridiculous

I’m probably forgetting stuff, but here’s what it looks like so far… 


  • roomate request form
  • Costa Rica letters
  • laundry (if our washing machine is even functioning, I’m not hopeful) 
  • hang out with my Dad when he gets home
  • sign up for classes next year
  • Philosophy homework


  • Nanny 12-5
  • yoga? 


  • movie marathon at church
  • drive to see Kellyn (!!!) with Ema
  • sleep over at Gordon


  • adventures somewhere
  • drive home
  • youth group (my sister is leading the discussion after another awesome matt chandler sermon, so it’ll be double awesome) 


  • Nanny 8:30-3
  • perhaps going to watch my cousin get confirmed, and then there is some sort of something happening after that


  • Six Flags! Like all day, and we’re getting season passes… epic summer of rollercoasters begins.


  • bake sale
  • worship
  • teach sunday school
  • clean up
  • worship practice at Bethany
  • Highlight

…then I fall over, probably. 

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